WebRTC and Media Servers

Are you looking for Multimedia and WebRTC development? Join hands with Three-MediaTech for developing cutting edge solutions.

How can our WebRTC and Media Server Services Help You?

  • Real-time Video communication
  • Custom WebRTC Applications Development
  • Live Video Integrations & Support
  • Throughout Development Assistance
  • WebRTC Broadcasting Applications Development
  • WebRTC powered video collaborations


Why Choose Three-MediaTech As Your WebRTC & Media Servers Service Provider?

Three-MediaTech has deployed various video collaboration and streaming applications based on WebRTC and Media Servers. We also have our expertise in WebRTC Mobile App Development, Kurento Media Server based applications, Salesforce Integration. With our highly advanced and efficient services, we provide extensive WebRTC solutions to our clients.

Transcoding and Streaming

Three-MediaTech's streaming and transcoding services ensure that multimedia (audio/video) content around the globe is delivered in perfect quality to support content-enabled businesses. Our expertise with open source streaming frameworks such as ffmpeg, gstreamer, libvlc helps quick prototyping and quick product realization.

Our experience in Audio and Video that address a range of professional and portable multimedia applications: from HD to Ultra-HD Video Compression/Streaming for mobiles, turnkey multimedia applications and real time internet applications. Our Computer vision based video solutions are deployed and running successfully in industrial environment.

Three-MediaTech has proven audio and video expertise in designing digital audio and digital video designs across platforms like Android, Embedded Linux, Linux Servers and more based on high-end VLIW and multi-core SoCs.

Our design services for Video streaming and audio applications enabled managing of multimedia content for a wide range of applications as follows:
  • Audio/Video Hardware and Software Codecs
  • Computer Vision based ANPR
  • Computer vision based QA Inspection,
  • Passenger Information System for railways OEM
  • security and surveillance NVR
  • Smart Operation Room Systems
  • Video Collaboration

Our audio and video expertise consist of portable and performance audio designs and digital video designs which include audio and video distribution encompassing capture, encode and transmission. We ensure cost-effective performance audio designs, portable audio designs and digital video streaming, that involves design trade-offs for required system performance, hardware complexity, and power consumption.