Industrial Automation & Control

Enabling Automation Industry with IoT innovations

The internet of “industrial” things is driving a paradigm shift toward higher operational efficiencies and new business opportunities. IIoT is redefining remote product access, product intelligence, evolving product and service business models and much more. For many industrial companies, the impacts will be game changing.

Be it a sensor, a gateway or a central monitoring station of any Industry, Three MediaTech offering is speeding up the development, optimizing operations, and enabling transformation in its clients efforts with sensor networks, communication, embedded systems, multimedia, data services and analytics.

Three MediaTech helps industrial automation sectors overcome the challenges of building and maintaining software-driven products to take full advantage of the industrial IoT.

Three MediaTech Offerings

Industry Standard protocol : MODBUS, HART
Stacks integration with OEM application
Custom protocol development
IoT protocol support such as MQTT, CoAP etc
Migration from traditional network to Ethernet and IP based networks
PLC based product migration to MCU for cost saving

Hardware Design – Embedded and RTOS

We can work with you to create a complete automated hardware and software system, using off-the-shelf components or custom hardware that meets your requirements. We can customize services for your exact specifications or recommend components for your unique situation. We can create control applications for your system and even implement custom protocol drivers as necessary.

Industrial Protocols
Modbus RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485
Profibus Serial
Fieldbus Ethernet
PLC Interfaces Universal Serial Bus (USB)
LabVIEW™ RF/802.11 / Bluetooth
PXI/PCI Virtual Serial / Com Ports
Three-MediaTech Offers custom hardware development based on various IO requirement and communication (WIFI, LAN, GPS/GPRS, NbIoT, Bluetooth-5, RF)

Control and Central Monitoring Software

Three MediaTech can create custom software to provide control, monitoring, data acquisition and statistical analysis. Whether your requirements are for Desktop Application or a custom application, we can create software that provides the results you need. Some examples include:

Control and Central Monitoring Server
Machine Control Data Collection/Acquisition and Storage
Man Machine Interface (MMI) Alerts and Notifications
Material Handling Motion & Sensor Controls
Process Control Measurement & Instrumentation
Data Acquisition Cards Desktop/Web based logging and Analysis Software
Industrial Networking Protocols Desktop/Web CMS
Quality Inspection Software Network Monitoring Systems
Equipment / Machine Health Machine Health Diagnostics and Alerts
Energy Monitoring Energy Audits and Savings via Analytics