Product Engineering Services

From concept to products realization

Three-MediaTech offers a wide range of product engineering services including, new product development services, compliance testing services, communication/protocol integration, custom protocol development, product re-engineering and customized application development. Three-MediaTech’s edge is its ability to deliver value added solutions leveraged through its ready to use in-house software components. Over the years, Three-MediaTech has established several successful and long-term engineering programs with global companies and delivered the cutting-edge technology products to various Industries across the globe.

Industry Focus and Services Offerings

Industry Focus

Internet of Things(IoT)

Complete responsibility of the end to end IoT based solution development from the Hardware design, Embedded software development, connectivity and the Cloud/ Mobile App development. Data Acquistion, Monitoring/Control and Analytics.


Embedded Systems

Three MediaTech partners with semiconductor manufacturers to deliver IoT and Embedded product solutions across multiple industry verticals. Our expertise on platforms from world’s leading semiconductor vendors including Intel, ARM, Analog Devices, Cypress, TI etc and provide a quick solution to accelerate new product development.


Medical & Healthcare

Skill sets in designing and developing devices connected to the IoT for biomedical applications. These include devices designed specifically for personal monitoring/diagnostic instruments like AED, EEG/ECG Monitoring, Multi-para monitors, Smart Operation Rooms with TTSments/Voicements, face recognition, Multi-User Video Conference and Smart Lighting, Messaging.


Industrial Automation

Architect and develop complete systems for Industrial Internet of Things(IIoT) including the end-node device, gateway and the application/business logic in the cloud.



Realization of Embedded Wireless Mesh Networking Element using off-the-shelf Hardware components and open source Software components like OpenWRT, open-mesh, Bluetooth 5 Mesh etc. Enabling WebRTC based Video applications.



Software Development

Your partner for all software development needs – from system software to application development, enriching the product experience for a wide variety of verticals and business domains.


Product Development

Three-MediaTech offers a full range of product development services for new product development and for re-engineering existing products to new platforms and technologies.


Industrial Automation & Control

We provide hardware and software design services for industrial systems. We also develop hardware and software for communication, measurement, control and automation of key systems.


Mobility and Cloud Computing

Three-MediaTech offers Robust, Optimized and Agile Application Development Services for mobile, web and cloud ecosystems providing customized, creative and innovative applications, with exciting User Interface (UX) designs.



Join hands with Three-MediaTech for a WebRTC / Media Server based Development Solution and enable your business with our top-tier Live Video streaming/collaboration services.