Anker Bo Christensen – Advisor

ABilityConsult was started back in 2002 as a part time company, for helping entrepreneurial friends, with IT-services during their company start-up. Later also other bigger companies in the area asked for help during weekends and holidays. At a time it got so time consuming that I had to make a choice, select the company for a living or close down activities. I choose in 2010 to closedown.
However again in end 2017 questions where good, so go for a normal employment or re-start my efforts getting ABilityConsult on the feet again.
During mid-summer time 2018 it got clear that the chance for setting the company up again was ideal, and so ABilityConsult started again in August 2018 as an ApS - (Ldt).
The speed of change continued and soon ABilityConsult also got the possibility to get an agreement with an 25+ person OFF-Shore development company ThreeMediaTech in Pune India.
AbilityConsults intensions are globally, but right now mainly focusing on European customers.