IOT Development  Service

Delivering actionable data to drive innovation and intelligence.

We have entered the era of the Internet of Things (IoT). Each day more and more machines, sensors and systems are deployed that collect powerful amounts of data. This data could be shared with other machines, systems and people to enhance lives, increase corporate efficiencies and drive new revenue opportunities. Three MediaTech has the engineering expertise and experience to develop systems that turn raw device data into useful, meaningful, actionable data. By helping our customers to unlock their data, they can lower their costs, improve and enhance operations, lower risks, and identify new revenue opportunities.
Managing the Internet of Things

Smart Energy / Smart Appliances / Smart Machines / Smart Agriculture

Three MediaTech is powering customer innovation for a more sustainable, greener world by enabling smart energy across the smart grid. Our solutions address the challenge of efficient energy management and distribution. Look to us to help make the connected, secure smart grid a reality by bringing together the products and tools that enable customers to quickly get products to market in the focus areas of smart metering, home energy gateways, network smart energy gateways, metering data concentration, energy-efficient motor control, smart appliances and wireless solutions all connected to the grid.

Customer-specific applications
Cloud/server integrated applications
Mobile IoT applications
Middleware, 3rd party Integrations
Device enablement
IoT Security
Gateway and Endpoint customization
WIFI, LAN, GPRS-GPS/NbIoT, Bluetooth-5