Board of Directors

Sachin Deshpande – Co-Founder, CEO

Sachin has over 18 years experience in DSP algorithm implementation, System integration, including significant exposure to analysis, design, development and implementation of system applications. He has also worked in various consulting and client-facing roles during implementation of audio and speech standards on various DSP/RISC platforms and porting of V2IP product on different embedded  platform having Linux as RTOS. Sachin holds an Engineering degree and also a PGDST from NCST.

A penchant for customer interaction and experience in software engineering makes him ideally suited to interact with customers and understand their business needs. Coupled with his ability to convert concepts to viable business products, Sachin's technical background makes him uniquely qualified to shape the customer focused strategies at Three-MediaTech.


Madhav Kulkarni – Co-Founder, Operations

Madhav holds an Engineering degree in Electronic and Telecommunications and has the chief responsibility of managing and expanding Three-Media Tech's technology leadership in the turnkey projects based on embedded/linux systems domain. Equipped with over 18 years experience  in the System Engineering, DSP algorithm development and implementation, he has  made a significant contribution to mobile SOC, VOIP and multimedia technology projects.

His career span includes tenures at Mtekvision Co. Ltd, Seoul, South Korea and Trinity Convergence Co. Ltd, Cambridge, UK where he has worked on Multimedia Application Platform porting on Linux RTOS flavours, Linux device driver applications for Audio, Video and WIFI devices. His experience in managing remote as well as proximal teams along with a keen interest in understanding technology needs has helped Three-MediaTech in laying the foundation for a robust technical environment.

Some of the projects that he executed are Smart Operation Room Systems, Automatic traffic violation analysis, Diagnostic refrigerator IoT, Smart Pump IoT etc.

Ravi Chawda – CTO

Ravi brings in a wealth of over 21 years of experience in Embedded Product Development and managing DSP/Embedded teams. His rich work portfolio includes RTOS based embedded board design and bring-up, IoT and Industrial automation. He has also worked extensively in audio platforms.

At Three-MediaTech he is responsible for building processes, co-coordinating resources, and chiefly project management role, which ranges from implementation and work stream management to project direction and control. His exposure to He works closely with clients to that identify key deliverables and set achievable milestones that ensure projects are delivered on time and to budget.


Advisory Board

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