News & Events

Oct 2018, Bangalore
Three-MediaTech is selected as top 10 IoT companies in IoT India Congress 2018.

Sept 2018, Denmark 
Three-MediaTech signs MOU with ABilityConsult for co-working in Denmark based projects

August 2018, India
Three-MediaTech developed the IoT Solution for Leading Consumer Electronics company for Refrigerator Fault Analysis and Service network.

July 2018, Seoul - Korea Republic Of
Three-MediaTech successfully installed Smart-Operation Room System at Largest Hosiptal in South Korea; featuring patient face recognition, smart lighting (changing as per operation stages automatically), Air-Quality monitoring, multi-user video conferencing, automated staff calls, operation room bulletin board, nurse task manager, EMR-vital-endoscope-patient camera-PACS multiviewer on 4K HD display output

Jan 2018, Pune - India 
Three-MedaTech supplied 2500 units of NodeX an IoT M2M device to leading pump manufacturer and now 2500 unit are working IoT data monitoring and carbon-savings, energy, discharge analysis.

March 2017, Seoul - Korea Republic Of
Three-MediaTech successfully deployed Automatic Traffic Violation Analysis solution to Seoul Police HDQTR . System enables traffic violation video uploads and automatic number plate recognition and manage 1000s of simultaneous video upload by various police stations.

Jan 2017, CA - USA 
Three-MediaTech developed the 9-DOF Motion sensor based Concussion Analysis software for Leading University in USA.

Dec 2015, Seoul - Korea Republic of 
Three-MediaTech signs MOU with Robusys Inc for co-working in South Korea based projects